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About the 100th anniversary from Gerlovin's birth


Герловин Юбилей.jpg

Ilya Lvovich Gerlovin

(12.09.1919 - 14.09.1993)

Dear Readers,


This year we celebrate 100 years from Ilya Lvovich Gerlovin’s birth. He was a talented scientist, with genuine organizing skills. His achievements for the sake of Humanity still expect their recognition.


This site is dedicated, first of all, to popularize his work, which is able, without doubts, to raise human civilization to a new level of development.


We would like to particularly thank Joseph Benenson, who provided us important information about Gerlovin’s biography. Thanks to this input, we both made acquaintance, as we considered Gerlovin’s work with high interest and wanted to discuss about it: this eventually led to the creation of the present website.


Also, thanks to Joseph, we could bring the daughter of Ilya Gerlovin to the board : Vera Ilinitchnaya Nazarova (maiden name – Gerlovina) provided us with a meaningful memory note about her father.


We invite all interest persons, who value the work of Ilya Gerlovin for itself and its promises for the future, to let their impressions about this special anniversary section. We will publish all letters, articles, essays, outlines and memories, and hope that we will be able to gather a large number of them until the date of the 100th anniversary from Gerlovin’s birth

(September 12, 2019).


Valery, Michael

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