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Development of the theory, brief history:  


From about the middle of the 1960s, the Russian physicist and mathematician Ilya Lvovich Gerlovin launched the development of a specific variant of "unified field theory" based on the Dirac model of the physical vacuum (filled with pairs of particle-antiparticle) and the assumption of the existence of Dirac magnetic monopoles. 


Nevertheless, the theory he created, rather, is not a "unified field theory", or a new attempt to "global geometrization" of physics. It is a specifically structured theory of physical vacuum and of structure of the matter at the micro level. Here, all the effects of theory at the fundamental level are explained by different effects of the dynamics of magnetic monopoles in the different layers of a stratified (fiber) physical space. Therefore, I.L. Gerlovin called his theory "Theory of the Fundamental Field" (TFF).


"The theory of fundamental field" has been developed over more than 50 years with the active participation and support of many colleagues and friends who helped the author: M.M. Protodiakonov, V.A. Krat, S.V. Izmailov, I.J. Pomeranchuk, B.M. Kedrov, F.K. Zigel', V.I. Menzhinsky, V.V. Nazarov, I.D. Dvas, V.S. Dvas, R.R. Zapatrin, N.M. Terterov, T.I. Chuklin, V.P. Petrov, J.K. Balenko, N.S. Lidorenko, Z.G. Kaganov, A.P. Kazantsev, E.S. Makarov, A.A. Denisov, I.A. Rapoport, B.N. Frolov, V.P. Shelest, D.D. Ivanenko, Y.P. Terletsky, O.B. Firsov, A.D. Shnarevich, B.V. Akhlibininsky, I.V. Oborenkov, E.V Gnilovsky, V.K. Zakharov, N.V. Zakrevskiy, I.A. Ivanov, L.P. Klausa, V.Y. Kreinovich, V.I. Lutsenko, S.G. Mikhlin, V.A. Pinsker, B.P. Pereguda, A.R. Regel, I.V. Sergeev, I.S. Scheinin, A.N. Yushchenko, O.A. Kazantsev, A.P. Kazantseva, A.M. Protodiakonov, S.D. Voznesensky, A.S. Bondarev, V.Ya. Zhulaï, M.D. Ionov, R.S. Tuterev and others, who participated in the discussions, critics of Gerlovin's work, and who all gave valuable advices.


The final version of this theory was published in 1990 by IL Gerlovin in his monograph, under the title : "Fundamentals of a unified theory of all interactions in matter".


Many typos were made in this monograph by the fault of the publisher, and they were subsequently corrected in 1992, in the monograph in English : «To live without disasters» (unfortunately, it was under a limited edition, and available only in Russia).


Scanned copies of these monographs can be downloaded from our website .    


Due to several circumstances, the theory of I.L. Gerlovin has not yet been properly analyzed as it should be, in depth, by physicists. (Previously criticism of this theory originates to the mid-1970s, while the final version of the theory was published in 1992, der a limited edition in English, but only in Russia).


The main reason for the theory remaining unknown is the death of the author in 1993. Therefore he could not promote it, nor explain its overall complexity. 


Of course, like any new theory, it can have hidden mistakes. But even if an in-depth physical and mathematical analysis reveals that it is wrong to some extent, it remains a good basis as physical concept, which can stimulate useful ideas for the further development of a new fundamental physical theory. 


The theory can be seen as an extremely original and interesting look at the possible options for models of physical processes of the micro world. Moreover, it should be noted that the basis of the theory had been elaborated by I.L. Gerlovin in the years 1965 - 1970. At that time, these ideas were very bold and unusual, especially for the very "closed" club of "recognized top scientists" in the USSR. This conclusion, about the perception of Gerlovin's ideas, remains essentially true nowadays.

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