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The aim of our project is to create an information space to attract the attention of theoreticians and specialists in a number of specific areas in physics, in need of theoretical explanation, an insight in new theories and ideas, as well as in their practical validation via selected empirical knowledge.


We call for joint efforts for the purpose of the evolution of science, and especially in physics.


The website's space is open* for authors who are not afraid of new approaches in science and new ideas.


The website's content will inevitably lead to debates. We trust that even essentially, or partly, false ideas and theories can help develop new and fruitful approaches to solving the urgent problems which science is facing.


Discussion topics will be set up on the forums , in both Russian and English languages. If, in the course of discussions, teams of specialists in a given area which to form a (working) group, they will be given the opportunity to continue their exchanges in the framework of a dedicated "closed" discussion group, which we will set up, and where they will exchange among the group's member.


Moreover, in the future, the website will also enlarge its focus, beyond theoretical physics, looking into other areas of science.


Information in this website will be posted according to the following structural block diagram .



* We reserve the right to decide whether to publish or not the authors' posts / comments in the forums.

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